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About the Salon

Gloss Salon provides a unique and refreshing experience to your salon visits. Gloss has been established since 2009. We are located in a beautiful and comfortable, studio in Rocklin. We like to think of it as our art studio. This is where we provide a relaxing and positive environment focused on the art of beauty enhancement as well as your comfort. We are expertly trained in many modalities, experienced color specialists with over 18 years of experience in the beauty industry. We carry the most advanced, environmentally conscious and luxurious products available to keep you at your most radiant potential. Book your appointment and let your pampering and beautifying begin! 

Our Mission

At Gloss Salon we have created a harmonious connection between the client and salon professional. We never pressure you to purchase but instead will recommend the accurate prescription for you to look and feel its best. We listen to you first, above all else. Our professional, expertise is a form of artistry that we take pride in sharing with you. Gloss Salon provides a friendly, down to earth approach to your visit to the salon. Owner and stylist Ella Biancalana has been working in the industry for over 18 years. She trained extensively with two renowned color educators, and attends frequent industry training and seminars to further her expertise in tattoo artistry and the latest skin enhancing techniques. Staying on the cutting edge on various angles of the beauty industry. All Gloss Salon staff is extensively trained and attends frequent industry training and seminars to further their expertise. We use the finest and most revolutionary, Botanical based organic wherever possible, professional products available. We offer products and techniques for sensitivities. 

Come to Gloss Salon to Relax and enjoy all your favorite things. We know you'll love it here, we do.

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We value your time.If you need to cancel, please give us the curtesy of 24 hours notice so that we may fill that spot.

Gloss Salon

5961 West Oaks Boulevard, Rocklin, California 95765, United States